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Straight bow SUR-1

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Straight bow  Lower Grip.  Arrow rest on handle The handle is very ergonomic and made from hardwoods (beech, ash, oak wood). Arrrow rest attached for better arrow hold. Limbs from wood-stained composite, handle stained. Shooting Range: 50-140 m. Accuracy Range: 10-50 m. Draw Weight: 10-13 kg. Length: 160-175 cm. Bow weight:up to 2 kg. Straight bow is easier in aiming on shorter distances that allows  beginner archers to train basic shooting skills. Fiberglass bow is the  best choice for beginner being low maintenance, moisture and temperature unsensitive (works in -20C).  Unlike wood fiberglass is not inclined to shrinkage if string is not removed. This model is made of parts and can be disassembled to easen carrying and storage. The bow may be stored in quiver when fully disassembled and  folded. A solid undismountable model may be ordered on request.

*Important: Most cast items are not in stock and will be produced exactly for you in 10-15 days term. Gilted Items could be in production up to 25 days. Armour that not is stock need some discussion first. Terms for production about 3 months.

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