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Belt set from White River

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A great belt set found in 1896 near the village of Belorechenskaya (White River), Krasnodar region, South Russia. Late 14c. There are versions where this belt set origins from - Golden Horde, Crimea or Minor Asia. The belt consists of 26 highly decorated pieces. The strapend has an openwork scene depicting the "heroic hunt". A dismounted archer with a horse behind him shoots kneeled into a lion's chaps with what possibly is a magic arrow (it's end is decorated with a flower rosette). A dog brings him to the lie of the beast. The largest piece of the set is the double sided six-pointed rosette decorated with relief depicting a hero (David?) tearing lion's jaws. The petals around are filled with a fanciful floral pattern. The set also has two beautifully decorated openwork pieces with beast and a creature between them to hold sword's harness and 24 openwork belt mounts. In all, the style of the set decoration belongs to Mideastern tradition which formed largely among the artisans of the Seljuks of the Minor Asia. For 30 mm wide belt.

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