Belt Set from the Musem of Clunis

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Belt Set from the Musem of Clunis. The fittings on the picture are gilt and enameled. You may order the set without gilding and enameling. Standard set includes: Buckle - 1 Strapend - 1 EN27 - 22 EN28 "Snowflake" - 10 EN29 - 2 EN30 "Star" - 1 EN31 the "I" mount - 1 EN32-2 Big Bulge - 5 EN32-1 Small Bulge - 6 PRICE FOR THE SET GILT AND ENAMELED (as on the picture)!

*Important: Most cast items are not in stock and will be produced exactly for you in 10-15 days term. Gilted Items could be in production up to 25 days. Armour that not is stock need some discussion first. Terms for production about 3 months.

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