Nordsommer necklace

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This boho jewelry is about northern summer, inspired by journey to Norway. The pattern is based on old patterns of northern cultures. Necklace is made in an unusual technique that combines beadwork, fabrics and lace. Style of this necklace can be called the "Northern boho".  In this work I used only natural materials such as wood and ceramic beads, natural linen and cotton, hempen rope, leather. Cotton lace is tinted with grass. In the center of necklace is the large northern gemstone Muscovite, on either side are cabochons of skarn, and below is the natural agate. The fringe along the edges is made of cotton basics of the necklace. Harness on which hangs a necklace is also made of cotton, linen, hempen rope and lace. Harness is firmly sewn, do not dissolve and will not tear. Base is also discreetly stitched so that the fringe will not crumble. Back side of necklace is light-beige genuine leather. The strings are tied behind the neck to make a node or bow to any desired height. All tissue elements are treated with water-repellent, prevents contamination / wetting. Handmade item Chain style: Bead Style: Boho Adjustable length: Yes Materials: natural gems, muscovite, skarn, agate, wooden beads, ceramic beads, Czech glass beads, Toho beads, linen, cotton, cotton lace, hempen rope, leather For any questions about items or custom orders you can contact directly with Maria at her page  https://www.facebook.com/mariakovalevajewelry/?ref=armourandcastings.com

*Important: Most cast items are not in stock and will be produced exactly for you in 10-15 days term. Gilted Items could be in production up to 25 days. Armour that not is stock need some discussion first. Terms for production about 3 months.

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