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Magical amethyst necklace

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Magical necklace with a many amethysts. This necklace is transforming, it consists of 3 parts: - amethyst crystal flower with sequince and bead embroided leaves as upper part; - amazing handcrafted glass cabochon with fern leave inside, surrounded by amethysts, TOHO seed beads and Swarovski crystals as a middle part; - single crystal of amethyst as a bottom part. All parts can be separated and combined with each other in any way! I've counted 7 different ways of wearing this necklace :) and you also can adjust its length. I consider amethyst as very mysterious, magical gemstone which lights your path in the darkness by its violet flame. That's why I think this fantasy necklace will be great for any enchantress, witch or fairy. For any questions about items or custom orders you can contact directly with Maria at her page

*Important: Most cast items are not in stock and will be produced exactly for you in 10-15 days term. Gilted Items could be in production up to 25 days. Armour that not is stock need some discussion first. Terms for production about 3 months.

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