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Bascinet with detachable/interchangable visor

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The bascinet was a Medieval European open-faced military helmet, typically fitted with an aventail and hinged visor. It evolved from the cervelliere. The term is also written as bassinet or basinet. This model has a detachable visor. It usually goes with pipe vervelles (german) but the one on the pictures is made with the cast ones. You may easily put  the visor you like (SCA legal bargrill for example) on or remove it.     Hand-crafted from 14ga mild steel     Painted inside     Polished     Padded-liner included     Hand made steel buckles     High quality leather straps     Leather strap for visor to avoid opening during the battle     Holes in the bottom of oculars for easy  visibility and breathing     Steel vervelles on default     Detachable visor     Eyeslots are less than 1"     SCA-legal bargrill for extra 50$     Avantail not included!

*Important: Most cast items are not in stock and will be produced exactly for you in 10-15 days term. Gilted Items could be in production up to 25 days. Armour that not is stock need some discussion first. Terms for production about 3 months.

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