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Witch of the Swampy Wasteland necklace

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Product code (SKU):  MKJ-WHTCH-NECK

This is very unusual handmade necklace inspired by Three witches of Macbeth movie (2015). There are many separate elements in this witch necklace, whitch have their own meanings and power - such as lost and found key from unknown door, raven's feather, old coin, bird's leg, mushroom and so on. I was collecting this stuff a lot of time, and then used them all to my witch jewelry. I placed the gemstone of Labradorite with mystic glow to the center of necklace and surrounded it with branches.

Basic of the necklace is made of wool and linen, and there are also many handmade elements which electroformed with copper, as well as author's metal castings. Each of elements is single exemplar.

This witch necklace took part in the Bead&Button Show 2017 in Milwaukee. Necklace on the photos is my own, but I can make something similar for you. Making of such handmade necklace takes about 1-3 weeks, because it's a kind of witchcraft, so I need to collect and prepare all necessary matherials.

NOTE! It will not be an exact copy! Each of witch necklaces is made for it's customers only, with exclusive customizations by their own wish.

  • Handmade item
  • Chain style: Bead
  • Adjustable length: Yes
  • Materials: Labradorite, electroformed elements, copper plated elements, Anna Bronze castings, ravens feather, birds leg, old key, linen, wool, linen lace, Jasper beads
  • Made to order

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